Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Next Meeting with Hikari Card

Okayyyy!! Abang tadi bilang kalo Mas Adit Hikari Card udah konfirm meeting Sabtu nanti. Yay!!! Lega sekali hatikuuuuuu.....

Oh iyah bagi yang pengen tau tahap-tahap order undangan di Hikari Card, ini aku kopas dari web mereka ^-^

1. First meeting.
Customers/clients can look over our portfolios, also we'll get all information needed to personalize the design in order to suit your desire. Colours, themes, personal infos, preferences, and budgeting are essential in this phase.
2. Second meeting.
This time we'd provide customers/clients with 2 examples (dummies) of invitation. These dummies are made base on earlier discussion. If the customers/clients agree with our terms and designs, down payment of 10% of total amount has to be made to our account. Dummies are editable to match your desirable design.
3. The production phase.
We'll start producting your order as soon as we receive the final approvals of design and additional down payment of 50% of total amount.
4. Remaining payment of 40% of total amount will be paid when the invitation card ready and delivered to you.

See?? Cukup mudah kan? (kecuali DP 60% yang bikin aku mulai mules).

Mas, tak promosiin loh, mas. Diskon yakkkk hehehehe..